The temperature of the relay should not be too high or too low

The vast majority of things are afraid of high temperature. For example, the temperature is too high to make people heat up, the computer will burn, and the relay is no exception.
The relay is also afraid of the heating element, high temperature can accelerate the relay internal plastic and the aging of insulation materials, contact oxidation and arc extinguishing difficulties, technical parameters of electrical components decreased due to decay, reliable, high voltage switch with internal tidal flooding and insulation heater, therefore, can not be in the design of the whole system will relay near the flooding tide the heater and insulation, and should maintain good ventilation conditions.
In low pressure conditions, bad cooling condition of the relay, the relay coil temperature rise, given the attracting and releasing parameters change, affect the normal work of the relay, low pressure can make the relay reduce insulation resistance, contact arc difficult, easy to make contact melting, affect the reliability of the relay, for low pressure conditions and recommended the method of sealing machine.
Although the relay is a thermal element, but the low temperature can not be ignored, in fact, any thing has a "degree", too big or not too bad. Low temperature can make the contact of cold bonding intensifies, contact surface exposed, many manufacturers of the relay that the lowest temperature is 25 C, but the application of high voltage switch in the alpine region is not in the minority, so the selection for attention, avoid the relay because of low temperature and unreliable, appropriate increase of the heater in the alpine region, ensure relay reliable operation at low temperature, to ensure the stable operation of the system.