Application of automobile relay and analysis of product technology development

Auto relay is a relay which is specially applied to the control of automobile electrical apparatus. It is developed with the electronic and electrical products of the automobile. Automobile industry is the second major application market of relay after the communication industry, and the sales of auto relay accounts for about 18.4 of the total relay sales.
With the development of electronic technology, the number of modern automotive electronic devices is increasing, and the electromagnetic environment is becoming more complex. This requires electromagnetic relay to have good electromagnetic compatibility in this environment. It includes two aspects: since 2000, due to the rapid development of the automotive industry, the demand for automotive relays has risen sharply, and relay manufacturers are springing up. Huge market opportunities attract all parts of the country to seize the market. According to incomplete statistics, China's domestic automobile relay manufacturers have reached more than 110, during which ups and downs, ups and downs, we can not help asking whether the market structure has changed in the competition.
Therefore, we should make full use of favorable policy environment and seek new breakthroughs in the following aspects: in the crisis, we will occupy the market by patent products and win business opportunities by intellectual property in adversity. Aim at the target and expand the market. We should make great efforts to adjust the structure of products and promote the adjustment of industry and industry. Strengthen the ability of independent innovation and cultivate the core competitiveness.
To sum up, we must win the initiative only if we take the lead in the concept. Only by leading the talented people can we win the technology. Only by leading in technology can we win the market. Only when we are ahead of the market can we win the vitality. Recognizing the situation, trying to adjust the structure and actively responding to the international financial crisis, the auto relay industry will be able to make a breakthrough.
Automotive relays are widely used in the control of vehicle starting and preheating, air conditioning, lighting, wiper, fuel pump, security, audio, navigation, electric fan, cooling fan, electric windows, airbags, antilock braking and suspension control and vehicle electronic instrument and fault diagnosis system, it is only one of the automotive electronic components sensor the most used in the car. In terms of future market applications, the automotive power system will shift from 14V to 42V, as well as the development of new electric vehicles and dual powered cars. It will open new market opportunities for the application of relays in the automotive field.