What is a car relay?

Now, cars have become an integral part of everyday life. You must know about the car's knowledge when you are free. So, let's introduce the auto relay today.
The definition of a relay and its important role: a relay is a component that produces a predetermined jump when the input reaches a specified condition. For electromagnetic relays, a simple understanding is that a specified electrical signal is applied at the input end, its output terminal is connected and a switch of the controlled circuit is disconnected. The relay generally reflects the input variables can have the induction mechanism; for controlled circuit on and off control actuators; between the input part and output part of the relay, and the input amount of processing function, the input and output part for coupling isolation and intermediate mechanism the output part.
Auto relay is the relay used in the automobile. This kind of relay has high power of switching load, high impact resistance and high vibration resistance. Most cars can find relays as long as they set off the hood to find a relay installation box. The car lights, wipers, starter, air conditioner, electric seats, electric windows, anti lock braking system, suspension control, sound control relay are used, it is one of the most common electronic components, auto control relay technology is demanding, because it must adapt to the vibration, high temperature, low temperature, moisture and oil, salt and water erosion of bad environment, high reliability, long service life, requirements of small size, low consumption, with electromagnetic compatibility, flame retardancy, fast response performance.
Automobile relay is an important part of the car. In this huge structure of the car, it is impossible to work properly without any small, unremarkable thing.
Well, let's introduce it to you today. When you are free, you can know more about the car.